<最寄りバス停> 勝沼バスルート「等々力」バス停


・等々力会場(麻屋葡萄酒敷地内) :3店舗出店の飲食エリア// WC


営業時間 9:00~17:00

混載発送 可能


Open 9am to 5pm, winery tour offered as usual. Not only winery location but also Todoroki Area booth you can enjoy wine tasting.



〒409-1315 山梨県甲州市勝沼町等々力166

TEL 0553-44-1022


定休日 年末年始

営業時間 9:00~16:30


They celebrate their 90th Anniversary in 2011. Our shop & tasting room located in back of winery, where you can enjoy up to 20 item wine tasting with looking tools for wine making from the time of foundation feeling atmosphere of history of those days. Please enjoy and take your time looking for your best favorite wine at the wine shop in the middle of vineyard. 

駐車場 有り(20台)

飲食施設 無し

ワイナリー見学 要予約

一度に対応可能な人数 ~15名

団体ツアー対応 可(要相談)